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Narrative: Bueno Video

Bueno Video was a family owned Radio/TV/VCR/Game Console/Camcorder repair shop that operated in El Paso, Texas, from 1954 to 1994.

I started by repairing Atari and Intellivision consoles and controllers. The physical reset and power switches were the first to wear out. The repairs were simple and I enjoyed "testing" the console with Pinball and Space Invaders.

After a year's training, I moved up to VCR assistant. I took machines that had been repaired and tested all of their functions: play, record, timed recording. Once the unit passed, I put the covers back on, making sure I put back every screw.

Eventually I moved up to technician: simple repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. I answered the phone and worked the front desk, performing tests for customers as they walked in. I picked up an delivered units to area stores. I performed data entry in the business accounting system and reconciled invoices.

Bueno Video is where I first learned the essentials of customer service, inventory management, service triage, and business accounting.