Aleph 17 to 20 upgrade

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Aleph is the name of library catalog software made by ExLibris. The Library migrated from two catalogs to a single catalog with version 15 of Aleph in 2002. In time the software was upgraded to version 17. Budget constraints kept the Library from upgrading until 2009, by which time the latest version was 20.

17 to 20

Natalie had no involvement with the project for approximately 6 months. Then the technical lead became completely unavailable, and she picked up the project. There was great deal of correspondence to be had, as ExLibris was managing the project from Boston, and their technicians were in Jerusalem.

Meetings had to be scheduled on a weekly basis, accounting for schedules, time zone differences, and holidays.

Complicating factors:

  • TTU had two personnel changes on the project
  • ExLibris worked through three project managers and two different technicians
  • Miscommunications meant that a weekend of conversion work had to be redone
  • The project had gone so long the hardware was in danger of losing the warranty

In the end, we extended the warranties, double checked the last installation and conversion, and had contacted the higher-ups at ExLibris to stabilize the staffing. The project was completed in 2010.