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Work History

Great Plains Home Health and Columbia/HCA

Natalie began working at Great Plains Home Health after graduation. She was a programmer and Systems Analyst. She maintained code, wrote inventory and purchasing programs, and maintained the servers sending billing data and managing patient files. When the company was purchased by Columbia/HCA, she transferred to Miami to work at the division level.

During this time she:

  • Designed and implemented several Novell networks
  • Consolidated isolated workgroups and attached everyone to network capable apps
  • Documented network schemas and aligned the local networks with corporate standards and workgroup applications
  • Taught new operating systems and programs to people who had no experience with computers or graphical interfaces
  • Wrote scripts and programs that extracted data from the Home Health program to Accounting
  • Designed advanced payroll apps and managed the programmer implementing them
  • Performed Y2K mediation on medical equipment as well as the computing infrastructure

Computer Transition Services, Inc.

  • Implemented remote installation of a client VPN solution for 50+ subclients all over the US.
  • Provided Novell, Unix, and Windows support for two major (United Supermarkets and The Med Group) and dozens of minor clients.

Independent Consulting

Assisted area Nursing Homes and other clients with computer work, mainly focused on networking small units and updating the Medicare billing software. Locations ranged from Littlefield, TX to San Antonio, TX.

Littlefield tx.gif

Texas Tech University Libraries

Main article: Texas Tech University Library

1999 - 2008

  • Responsible for 24/7/365 uptime of Global Mission Critical systems
  • Streamlined a mess of servers to Windows and Linux
  • Created the Help Desk procedures and hired and managed staff and student employees
  • Streamlined the public printing and copying services to reduce costs and introduced cost recovery
  • Migrated two mission critical applications to a single vendor product, then managed its many transitions to different servers and operating systems.
  • Migrated the FrontPage intranet to SharePoint, giving control to the users
  • Implemented a Service Level Agreement wiki that was easily accessible to end users

2008 - 2011

  • Entered a project mid-stream and managed activities on three continents until the project was complete
  • Created the Development team, hiring and reassigning staff.
  • Hired and managed staff for the statewide Texas Digital Library Help Desk
  • Hired and managed staff for the Help Desk to keep up 24/365 availability
  • Managed the Digitization Lab and found its new director
  • Moved giant digitized collections from an expensive platform to a free wiki

2011 - 2014

  • Created and managed the on call schedule and protocols to maintain 24/365 availability.
  • Built a data warehouse to support purchase decisions.
  • Continued to manage major product upgrades
  • Migrated services to vendor hardware

Los Gatos Library

Natalie works as an on call Library Assistant. She staffs the Children's Desk or the Reference Desk. She has also worked the Circulation Desk. Occasionally the Librarians will need records updated or deleted, and items pulled from the shelves according to specifications.

Volunteer Work History

Contact Lubbock

Contact Lubbock is a phone ministry/suicide hotline. Natalie volunteered from 1990 to 1995. Volunteers are put through months of training and practice. Not all trainees are chosen to work the phones.

Sunday School at St. John's United Methodist Church

Natalie served as a Sunday School teacher in the computer room from 2008 to 2012.

Texas Tech Theraputic Riding Center

The Riding Center is a training ground for students in Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding. Sidewalkers assist the rider with staying on the horse, and stand ready to remove the rider to safety if there is a problem. The Leader concentrates on the horse, stopping and starting, and directing the horse's movements under the direction of the instructor or therapist.

Other duties included grooming, saddling, and preparation of the horses. This was highly enjoyable work.

Campbell United Methodist Church

Natalie has been a volunteer sound technician at CUMC since 2014. In 2017 and 2018, she served as project coordinator for Worship at Work.