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Natalie Bueno Vasquez

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Philosophical views

Everyone can learn something (Part I)

(Part II)

Management Philosophies

Communication Plans are like plumbing - you notice them when they don't work.
You can say what you want, just not any way you want.
Making my problem your problem just makes two problems

Working Life

Main article: Work History

Great Plains Home Health and Columbia/HCA

Natalie began working at Great Plains Home Health after graduation. She was a programmer and Systems Analyst.

During this time she volunteered time with the TTU Student ACM chapter, including the setup and maintenance of two regional programming contests.

Computer Transition Services, Inc.

Natalie worked as a network administrator and maintainer with a team of colleagues.

Independent Consulting

Natalie kept in touch with colleagues from school who did consulting work for various customers, mainly nursing homes in need of computerized billing to Medicare and Medicaid. One long term client was a retired professor who authored several books and textbooks during this time.

Texas Tech University Library

Main article: Texas Tech University Library

The longest period of Natalie's work history was at the Library. The job transformed from simple network administration to Help Desk creation and management, creation of a Software Development team, and the creation of a new department to handle the many specialized computers services offered by the Library.

Los Gatos Library

Natalie works as an on call substitute Library specialist, assisting patrons and helping staff with projects.


Natalie Bueno Vasquez was born in El Paso, TX. She attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Early life

Natalie grew up reading, drawing, playing musical instruments, and babysitting.

Before college, she worked in the family business, Bueno Video. She was a part time technician who repaired VCRs, video game consoles, and camcorders. She could run the triage/front desk, and was tasked with data entry for the accounting spreadsheets.

It was here that she learned:

  • Inventory control
  • Documentation maintenance (filing service manuals and tossing old ones)
  • Triage and diagnostics
  • Service scripts and routines


Texas Tech University's Computer Science program is housed in the College of Engineering. The curriculum consisted of theoretical as well as practical coursework, melding a great deal of Electrical Engineering with Mathematics, as these departments had previously housed Computer Science classes.

Natalie worked a variety of jobs during this time, most of them related to computers. She spent three years as a Student Technician for the computer labs.

It was here that she:

  • Streamlined inventory control
  • Programmed a service ticket database that gave weekly reports on the shop's activivies

She was involved in the student chapter of the ACM, serving in various offices: Treasurer, Vice President, and fundraiser.

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